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2018-19 Schedule / Forms

Evaluation schedule 2018.2019 (pdf)


2018 Coaching Application (pdf)


FHRC Basketball Fee structure (pdf)


About Us

Our Leaders

Nelson White - Basketball Chair

Trent Thames - Boys Basketball Director

Mike Miller - Co- Girls Basketball Dir.

Ann- Marie Craig - Co-Girls Basketball Dir.

Chad Sanschagrin - Girls Travel Basketball Director

About Our League

In 1965, Our Basketball program was established to set the standard of excellence for youth through athletics based on values of dedication, honor, and teamwork. Our program has an excellent group of volunteers who help create communities that promote welcoming atmospheres for youth to practice and learn; and establish the highest quality of sportsmanship and respect.  We provide organized basketball to boys & girls ages 5-18 years old.

Basketball Information & Events

Inclement weather

Harford County

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Inclement weather

All basketball activities for today, Thursday 11/15 have been cancelled due to inclement weather!

Harford County


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9U Mustangs Girls - Ann Marie Craig

1. Alexa Craig

2. Alyssa Craig

3. Madison Crue

4. Sophia Crue

5. Brennan DeSantis

6. Kiri Fiamanifo

7. Kendall Gallup

8. Devon Jablon

9. Isabella Kail

10. Mara Lawall

11. Ava Lockerman

10U Mustangs Girls - Mike Miller

1. Miley Becoat

2. Presley Caslin

3. Grace Miller

4. Pieper McCue

5. Jocelyn Bickler

6. Mia Honig

7. Jade Thames

8. Kasey Resh

9. Addison Weaver

10. Gabby Stuchinski

11. Ryleigh Curry

9U Mustangs Boys - Mike Blizzard

1. Gavin Buege

2. Charlie Hunter

3. Peyton DeCourcey

4. Brody Hall

5. Lincoln Sagliani

6. Garrett Sullivan

7. Ilias Roros

8. Alexander Roros

9. Nolan Blizzard

10. Nicholas Stinespring

10U Mustangs Boys - Greg Lane

1. Jason Brady

2. William Bush

3. Zach Lane

4. Miguel Leon

5. Parker Miller

6. Charlie Kitz

7. Drew Mitchell

8. Zach Tamanini

9. James Westervelt

11U Mustangs Boys - Clint Morris

1. Zach Alexander

2. Owen Gerber

3. Jack Geyer

4. Jake Hartman

5. Eli Hodgson

6. Gavin Morris

7. Tyler Morris

8. Will Rhine

9. Dylan Sander

12U Mustangs Boys - Brian Jagdman

1. Josiah Jagdman

2. Jensen Graf

3. Tommy Kane

4. Jordan Ross

5. Brandon Stepp

6. Steven Mandel

7. Christian Couch

8. Julien Horton

9. Evan Alcide

10. Nick Humpf

12U Mustangs Boys - Nelson White

1. Aiden Jablon

2. Justin Spencer

3. Rowan Edwards

4. Alex Russell

5. Jomar Camacho

6. Matthew Davidson

7. Leo Dinan

8. Joshua Adams

9.Devin Trzeciak

10. Gabriel Greathouse

13U Mustangs Boys - Nelson White

1. Connor Ballard

2. Noah Brannock

3. William Carrier

4. Drew Evans

5. Caden Kestner

6. Jayson Polesovsky

7. Jayden Oliver

8. Joey Mastromanolis

9. Ryan Skandalis

10. Josh Stinespring

13U Mustangs Boys - Matt Jergensen

1. Brock Boccia

2. Aiden Hankins

3. Connor Jergensen

4. Justin Patrick

5. Jake Matson

6. Dillon Michloski

7. Zachary Thames

8. Deron Zhu


Practice & Regular season schedule

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Practice & Regular season schedule

Our practice & regular season schedule for all age groups will be available at a later date.


1st Game

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1st Game

Our first game will be an In-House scrimmage without refs.

Boys & Girls Travel Basketball Program

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Boys & Girls Travel Basketball Program


  • ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN UP FOR REC EVEN IF ONLY PLAYING TRAVEL. The Rec fee will be deducted if you make the travel team and opt out based on the criteria listed below.
    Boys offer travel tryouts and teams for the following age groups: 7/8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13/14
    Girls offer travel tryouts and teams for the following age groups: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13/14
  • Boys travel players age 11 and above as well as girls players age 10 and above have the OPTION as to whether or not they want to play in the rec league.

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